Screech Leech

Sound Manipulating Annelid-Man



Sound Control: Even before he became a worm hybrid, Avsenki was a Metahuman with the ability to manipulate sound.

  • Silence Field: The most common use of his ability, Avsenki would create a field of silence so he and his squad could move in total silence, easily sneaking up on opposition forces, and keeping other forces from being alerted by gunfire.
  • Selective Amplification: Avsenki can selectively alter and amplify sound coming to him to effectively give himself superhuman hearing.
  • Overamplification: Avsenki can amplify ambient sounds to a selected target or over a selected area, making quiet background noise overwhelmingly loud.
  • Infrasonic Amplification: Avsenki can amplify infrasonic sound that exists in a range below human hearing. These sounds have been shown to create feelings of unease and dread in humans.
  • Ultrasonic Amplification: Avsenki can amplify ultrasonic sound that exists in a range above human hearing. These sounds have been shown to create feelings of confusion, vertigo, and nausea.

Worm Hybrid Physiology: Thanks to a strange concoction fed to him by the worm cult, Avsenki metamorphosed into a full eldritch worm hybrid, even without any existing worm heritage. Unlike Der Gute Doktor’s vocal transformations, Screech Leech can’t be transformed back into a human by standard genetic means.



Military Training: Avsenki was a fully trained elite soldier in the Georgian Army.




Wormsign: As an eldritch worm, Screech Leech is vulnerable to Wormsign, a specific configuration of arcane runes created from the ground remains of european earthworms.


Avsenki Isidore was a Metahuman soldier fighting for Georgia during the South Ossetia War. He encountered a group of The Nine-Tongued Worm cultists who had come to take advantage of the instability in the country. The rest of his squad was wiped out, but Avsenki’s superhuman abilities made him useful enough to convert to the way of the Worm.

He was brought to a hidden location and fed an alchemical elixir for several days, over which he slowly transformed into a worm hybrid, fully loyal to The Nine-Tongued Worm and its progeny.

Screech Leech was one of many servants of the Nine-Tongued Worm gathered under Der Gute Doktor when he gathered his forces in San Diego. He, like the rest of the Doktor’s forces, were captured by The B-Team and their allies.

STATUS: Imprisoned

Screech Leech

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