Magic Projecting Annelid-Man



Arcane Projection: Even before he became a worm hybrid, Milos was a Metamage, possessing innate magical abilities. His powers originally allowed him to project bolts and blasts of raw magical energy, but since his transformation, he has instead begun to project a sickly green lightning-like energy drawn from Worm-World

Worm Hybrid Physiology: Thanks to a strange concoction fed to him by the worm cult, Milos metamorphosed into a full eldritch worm hybrid, even without any existing worm heritage. Unlike Der Gute Doktor’s vocal transformations, Slugbolter can’t be transformed back into a human by standard genetic means.



Occultist: Milos has some understanding of the nature of magic.




Wormsign: As an eldritch worm, Slugbolter is vulnerable to Wormsign, a specific configuration of arcane runes created from the ground remains of european earthworms.


Milos Zdravko was a minor Serbian mystic who was attempting to learn more about arcane forces in order to master his innate abilities. In his attempts to look for a master who would school him in the Arcane Arts, he ended up in the clutches of the cult of The Nine-Tongued Worm.

The cult tricked Milos into entering one of their lairs and lowering his guard, at which point they captured and kidnapped him. They fed him an alchemical concoction over several days, as his body changed into a worm hybrid while his mind came to accept The Nine-Tongued Worm as his master.

Slugbolter was one of many servants of the Nine-Tongued Worm gathered under Der Gute Doktor when he gathered his forces in San Diego. He, like the rest of the Doktor’s forces, were captured by The B-Team and their allies.

STATUS: Imprisoned


The B-Team Heronator