One Man Cartel



Tesla: Smoke is a Tesla, possessing an enhanced intellect, a superhumanly strong personality, and the ability to create a super-science drug compound, also called Smoke. The Smoke drug, when mixed with a superhuman DNA sample, grants the user the powers of the sample.


Chemistry: In addition to his ability to create the Smoke drug, Smoke is a trained and skilled chemist and pharmacologist.


Smoke Rig: Smoke wears a battle harness that serves a number of functions. As an exo-skeleton, it grants him some enhanced strength and light armor protection. The suit’s primary function is to feed him Smoke concoctions on command. It can also feed Smoke breathable air and an aerosol painkiller.


Smoke Side Effects: Smoke’s prolonged use of his own drug has left him with extensive genetic damage, leaving him with a host of nasty conditions. He requires the use of painkillers to function, and his exo-skeleton to remain upright.


Smoke was once a small time ganger with big dreams. Jackson Hyde, nephew of notorious Hub City crime boss and drug lord Boss Hyde, had nothing going for him as a criminal until his Tesla abilities came to the forefront. Quickly striking upon the idea of selling his compound, Smoke began to expand his operations as he made money hand over fist.

He quickly expanded from a basement operation to a citywide drug operation, recruiting other skilled individuals (like Baron Bloodanov, Boris Zlatkov, and Jonathan Davenport) into the operation. Before long, Smoke was selling his product across all of Southern California.

However, this drew a lot of attention. With superhuman law enforcement focused on the Smoke Cartel, Smoke himself needed to go somewhere and let the heat die down. He fled to Mexico, paying tribute to El Azteca, and left his cousins Edward and Henry to oversee operations while he was away.

Under the leadership of The Hyde Twins, the cartel was used as a front for the plots of other villains and its potential and profits were squandered. The Twins ended up in Blanch, and Smoke hired assassins to kill them. This angered El Azteca, leading Smoke to be delivered bound and gagged to the prison.

At the prison medical facility, Smoke was given a few months to live. He was recruited in the fight against Tricky Dick, and in exchange for his help he was allowed to die in hospice care instead of in his prison cell.



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