Blade-Using Speedster



Chameleon Skin: Speedblade was a Metahuman before getting his speed enhancements, able to alter the color of his skin to blend into his surroundings.

Superhuman Speed: Thanks to a full body chemical treatment, Speedblade possesses superhuman speed, able to move and react at much faster speeds than a normal human.




Blade Rig: Speedblade wears the ‘blade rig’ common to the Switchblade gang, an exo-skeletal torso harness that mildly enhances their strength, with a retractable blade on each arm.




Carter Muldoon grew up in a poor neighborhood of New Los Angeles, eventually joining the Switchblades gang. After working for them as a street soldier for a number of years, he was given an opportunity to advance when the gang managed to steal a batch of physical enhancement chemicals, and Muldoon was chosen to be the recipient. Infused with powerful chemical enhancements, he became Speedblade.

As Speedblade, he burned a lot of bridges within the gang by going to work for Vanguard as a mercenary. After that, he decided to leave town, coming to San Diego to continue working as a super-villain.

He is one of several supervillains who were hired by a mysterious patron who turned out to be Der Gute Doktor. Speedblade participated in a string of robberies targeting museums and government facilities before the hired team was confronted by The B-Team.

STATUS: Imprisoned


The B-Team Heronator