Mayweather's Knockoff



MGH-Derived Powers: Stormcloud receives a lesser version of Mayweather’s Metahuman abilities when taking MGH derived from his blood:

  • Electrical Generation: When taking MGH, Stormcloud generates elevated levels of bioelectric energy.
  • Localized Weather Manipulation: While taking MGH, Stormcloud is able to manipulate the weather in his immediate vicinity (a few hundred feet at most). He can create fog, strong winds, rain, hail, lightning, or other atmospheric phenomenon.
  • Enhanced Toughness: While under the effects of MGH, Stormcloud receives a portion of Mayweather’s enhanced durability.


Police Training: Before becoming Stormcloud, Lamar was a well-trained and competent police officer.


Lightning Gauntlets: Stormcloud wears high tech gauntlets that absorb the excess bioelectric energy his body creates, allowing him to project it at range. He can project electricity from these gauntlets even when not ‘powered up’ with MGH, but the gauntlets won’t recharge in such a state.

Armored Costume: Stormcloud’s costume is armored to help protect him in combat.


Dependence: Each dose of MGH lasts a few hours at most. Stormcloud requires frequent access to the city’s MGH supply to maintain his abilities.


Henry Lamar was a cop in the city of Chula Vista. He gained some prominence in the media as a ‘hero cop’ after saving a group of school kids during a school shooting.

It was this reputation that caught the attention of the Mayor. He was looking to further expand the superhero presence of the city and county, working together with Aquaphibian to put together another team. However, the Mayor’s supervillain recruitment couldn’t be pushed in terms of numbers. So, another solution was struck upon; make new superheroes.

Mayweather agreed to repeatedly donate blood, which could be processed into MGH (Metahuman Growth Hormone). With MGH-powered superheroes, an on-call ‘strike team’ could be assembled, able to ‘power up’ and respond when needed. Officer Lamar was chosen to take Mayweather’s MGH, becoming the hero Stormcloud.

STATUS: Active


The B-Team Heronator