The Drowning Butcher

Aquatic Black Skull



Aquatic Physiology: The Drowning Butcher is fully adapted to aquatic existence, and possesses a number of abilities when underwater.

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Aquatic Senses
  • Swimming

Octopus Regeneration: Thanks to spliced Octopus DNA, The Drowning Butcher has a regenerative healing factor, able to regrow lost limbs or organs.

Tesla: The Drowning Butcher is a Tesla, with a bent towards chemistry, biochemistry, and genetics. He uses his abilities to create chemical weapons and monstrous aquatic monsters.

  • Enhanced Intellect

Suppression Resistance: The Drowning Butcher retains his aquatic physiology (but not his healing factor or other enhancements) when subject to genetic suppression.


Urban Commando Training: The Drowning Butcher still retains his full Urban Commando training, making him skilled in a full suite of skills, from combat to persuasion to demolitions to stealth to urban survival.

Monster Command: The Drowning Butcher is skilled at swiftly and adeptly commanding the monsters he creates, his creations almost acting as an extension of himself.


Dart Guns: Rather than his normal trick pistols, The Drowning Butcher uses a pair of dart guns that contain various Tesla-engineered chemical compounds.

Exo-Skeleton: The Drowning Butcher’s costume contains an embedded exo-skeleton to allow him to move around normally on land.


Aquatic Dependent: Like Wavemaw, The Drowning Butcher’s physiology is adapted to life underwater, not on dry land. On land, he requires an exo-skeleton to move properly, and he is more prone to dehydration than a normal human.


Pursued by Reaper-103, Marcus Solokov AKA The Black Skull found his most precious asset, his regenerative healing factor, stolen from him. He was approached by Arachnid Prime, who offered to restore his healing factor in exchange for his servitude and access to the prisoners of Blanch Correctional. In our world, he said no, rejecting Arachnid Prime and setting himself on the path to true heroism. In another world, he said yes, falling under Arachnid Prime’s sway.

But in the Microverse, the realm of worlds that should not be, that could not be, improbabilities that were too impossible to exist but too feasible to die…..the realm where the existence you live in is doomed and dying, rotting away into the raw soup of creation….Marcus Solokov took another path.

He took several different paths.

One path was to look to his teammate Wavemaw. A Tesla able to manipulate the properties of water and with a propensity for chemistry, Marcus believed that Wavemaw could kickstart his ‘dormant’ healing factor with his mad science. Approaching his teammate with a vial of his blood taken from before he lost his healing factor, Wavemaw reluctantly agreed to a series of experimental trials, thinking that Marcus would be able to better serve the interests of law and order if he had his healing factor.

However, Wavemaw hit stumbling block after stumbling block. Limited by test subjects and ethical concerns, Wavemaw told Marcus that there wasn’t much he could do, and that perhaps he ought to accept this as a part of his life.

Marcus did not like that answer.

Through the darkest communication channels of the underworld, Marcus managed to get a hold of the notorious super-villain (and Wavemaw’s possible father) Devil-Ray. The two struck a deal; If Marcus would deliver Wavemaw to Devil-Ray, then Devil-Ray would bring Marcus to the deepest reaches of the ocean, where Devil-Ray had gotten his own bio-enhancements from the Lemurians.

Tricking his ‘comrade’, Marcus lured Wavemaw right into Devil-Ray’s trap, dooming the heroic fish man. Dragging his maybe son off to an underwater torture den, Devil-Ray brought Marcus to a Lemurian compound, where Lemurian mad scientists spliced Marcus with genetic material from several sources; Wavemaw, Devil-Ray, several underwater creatures, and the Lemurians themselves.

Now an aquatic half-fish monster with an octopoidal healing factor and a powerful Tesla mind, Marcus dubbed himself The Drowning Butcher. Unable to fully handle the sudden new mental impulses bestowed to him by his Tesla abilities, The Drowning Butcher began a spree of chemical attacks and genetic monstrosities, indulging in his every scientific impulse.

STATUS: Imprisoned

The Drowning Butcher

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