The Fanged Skull

Enhanced Nosferatu Black Skull



Nosferatu: The Fanged Skull was subject to the Nosferatu Serum, a Tesla-engineered mutagenic super-soldier procedure of the Storm Korps. It granted him numerous superhuman abilities:

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Senses
  • Superhuman Regeneration
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Fangs & Talons
  • Anti-Spooring: The Fanged Skull cannot be tracked by scent and typically leaves no forensic evidence.
  • Self-Sustenance: The Fanged Skull does not require air, sleep, water, or food (outside of his blood dependence).

Aftermarket Enhancements: The Fanged Skull has undergone genetic manipulation at the hands of several different underworld geneticists. These modifications have increased his physical attributes beyond a typical Nosferatu soldier, and have reduced his vulnerabilities.

  • Suppression Immunity: The Fanged Skull’s numerous different black market gene treatments have left his powers completely immune to genetic suppression.


Urban Commando Training: The Fanged Skull still retains his full Urban Commando training, making him skilled in a full suite of skills, from combat to persuasion to demolitions to stealth to urban survival.


Trick Pistols: The Fanged Skull has the same trick pistols as his mainstream counterpart.


Sunlight: Although he doesn’t burn in sunlight like other Nosferatu, direct sunlight or other intense UV is still disorienting to The Fanged Skull.

Silver: Although not as detrimental to him as to other Nosferatu, silver exposure does inhibit The Fanged Skull’s healing factor.

Blood Dependence: The Fanged Skull’s mutated physiology is only capable of deriving energy and nutrients from relatively fresh or well-preserved mammalian blood.


Pursued by Reaper-103, Marcus Solokov AKA The Black Skull found his most precious asset, his regenerative healing factor, stolen from him. He was approached by Arachnid Prime, who offered to restore his healing factor in exchange for his servitude and access to the prisoners of Blanch Correctional. In our world, he said no, rejecting Arachnid Prime and setting himself on the path to true heroism. In another world, he said yes, falling under Arachnid Prime’s sway.

But in the Microverse, the realm of worlds that should not be, that could not be, improbabilities that were too impossible to exist but too feasible to die…..the realm where the existence you live in is doomed and dying, rotting away into the raw soup of creation….Marcus Solokov took another path.

He took several different paths.

One path led him back to The Storm Korps. Knowing that they had several forms of super-science available to them that could grant him a healing factor, he offered his services to the Korps once again. After several re-initiation ceremonies to prove his worth and loyalty to them, he was allowed back in, and given his wish; he was transferred to Projeckt Nosferatu, which would give him back his healing factor as a part of the treatment.

Now The Fanged Skull, Marcus spent all of his resources on black market gene treatments to supplement his Nosferatu enhancements, altering himself to enhance his abilities and reduce his weaknesses. After numerous such ‘side’ treatments, his powers increased to the point that he was transferred from Nosferatu to Dragon Branch.

STATUS: Imprisoned

The Fanged Skull

The B-Team Heronator