The Faustian Triggerman

Culbron-Serving Black Skull



Pact Immortality: Infused with Culbron’s magic, The Faustian Triggerman cannot be permanently killed by any means, so long as the magic of the pact is in place (neither side has gone back on their word, and the magic hasn’t been directly nullified). If he is killed, the magic of the pact will resurrect him no more than a few days later.


Urban Commando Training: The Faustian Triggerman still retains his full Urban Commando training, making him skilled in a full suite of skills, from combat to persuasion to demolitions to stealth to urban survival.

Occultist: As a part of learning how to contact Culbron and forge a pact, The Faustian Triggerman became schooled in demonology and the occult.


Enchanted Trick Pistols: As a part of his deal with Culbron, The Faustian Triggerman had his pistols enchanted with daimonic magicks. They’re capable of firing multiple types of magical ammunition, such as cold iron and hellfire, with no need to reload.


Pactbound: The Faustian Triggerman will lose immortality if he violates the terms of his agreement with Culbron.


Pursued by Reaper-103, Marcus Solokov AKA The Black Skull found his most precious asset, his regenerative healing factor, stolen from him. He was approached by Arachnid Prime, who offered to restore his healing factor in exchange for his servitude and access to the prisoners of Blanch Correctional. In our world, he said no, rejecting Arachnid Prime and setting himself on the path to true heroism. In another world, he said yes, falling under Arachnid Prime’s sway.

But in the Microverse, the realm of worlds that should not be, that could not be, improbabilities that were too impossible to exist but too feasible to die…..the realm where the existence you live in is doomed and dying, rotting away into the raw soup of creation….Marcus Solokov took another path.

He took several different paths.

After multiple attempts to regain his healing factor through scientific means all resulted in abject failure, Marcus realized that he would require a different avenue to empowerment. Spending months researching and studying, he pieced together how to create a ritual circle and call a demon to him. Putting his request into the ether, he requested an audience with the most powerful demon he knew of; Culbron, The Prince Of Honest Lies. Marcus offered his eternal service, in exchange for eternal life.

Culbron accepted this deal, granting Marcus a form of immortality; as long as their pact held strong and its magic (nor Marcus’ word) did not break, he would always return from death.

Marcus was now fully empowered as an agent of the demon lord, ready and able to enact his will.

STATUS: Imprisoned

The Faustian Triggerman

The B-Team Heronator