The Storm Of Teeth

Squall-Spliced Black Skull



Squall-Implanted Hybrid Shapeshifting: The Storm Of Teeth is a fusion of alien and human body parts, the alien biomass constantly morphing into new limbs and organs. His shapeshifting allows him to morph a whole host of abilities, some of which he favors and uses more frequently than others.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Regeneration
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Wings
  • Environemental Adaptation
  • Natural Weaponry
  • Adhesive Spit
  • Bioelectrical Generation
  • Scent
  • Enhanced Sight
  • Enhanced Hearing
  • Acid Projection
  • Toxin Projection
  • Camouflage
  • Sonic Screech
  • Bioluminescence
  • Wallcrawling
  • Bone Projectiles

Squall-Flesh Absorption: The Storm Of Teeth can rip useful biomass from Squalls or Squall Hybrids. Doing so increases his own powers.


Urban Commando Training: The Storm Of Teeth still retains his full Urban Commando training, making him skilled in a full suite of skills, from combat to persuasion to demolitions to stealth to urban survival.


Trick Pistols: The Storm Of Teeth possesses the same trick pistols and ammunition as his mainstream counterpart.


Active Shapeshifting: Changing forms is an act of conscious thought and will, mentally mapping out the new structure of his cells. As such, he must know enough about his own biology to know what to ‘make’, and things that disrupt his concentration or focus can disrupt his ability to alter his form.


Pursued by Reaper-103, Marcus Solokov AKA The Black Skull found his most precious asset, his regenerative healing factor, stolen from him. He was approached by Arachnid Prime, who offered to restore his healing factor in exchange for his servitude and access to the prisoners of Blanch Correctional. In our world, he said no, rejecting Arachnid Prime and setting himself on the path to true heroism. In another world, he said yes, falling under Arachnid Prime’s sway.

But in the Microverse, the realm of worlds that should not be, that could not be, improbabilities that were too impossible to exist but too feasible to die…..the realm where the existence you live in is doomed and dying, rotting away into the raw soup of creation….Marcus Solokov took another path.

He took several different paths.

One path was to look to his teammate Squall Of Violence. His alien physiology granted him a healing factor as well; not on his own level, but still not insignificant. And given that the superhero Feral showed that Squall bio-material could fuse with human flesh, Marcus came to believe that this could kickstart his ‘dormant’ healing factor.

He decided to go to the nearest source of human-compatible Squall bio-matter; Feral himself. During a field mission, Marcus killed Feral and made look like he was kidnapped. While the others went on a wild goose chase trying to find Feral’s ‘kidnapper’, Marcus coerced his teammate Black Clinician into performing the necessary surgeries.

Fused with Squall flesh, Marcus immediately took care of his witness, slicing Black Clinician to bits. He then went after the next available source of shapeshifting flesh, the alien criminal Roh’Kar, kept in Blanch Correctional. He used his new shapeshifting implants to integrate more alien organs into his body, increasing his shapeshifting biomass.

Before long, the B-Team discovered the duplicity, but by the time the team made it back and found Black Clinician’s corpse, Marcus had managed to isolate Squall Of Violence from the rest of the team. After a drawn out one-on-one battle, Marcus killed Squall Of Violence and stripped his corpse of all its useful meat. No longer The Black Skull, Marcus had become The Storm Of Teeth; a horrifying mass of roiling alien flesh fused to a half-consumed human body.

The Storm Of Teeth went Squall hunting, stripping meat and organs from every Squall and Squall-hybrid he could track down, engaging in a coast-to-coast murder spree. With each victory, his shapeshifting powers (and more importantly to him, his healing factor) would improve in power.

STATUS: Imprisoned

The Storm Of Teeth

The B-Team Heronator