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Active Criminal Organizations

The Motorheads

The One-Eyed Snakes

The Ghost Dragons

The East Side Demons

The Bleak Order

The Earth For Humans League

Cell Six

Cesare Crime Family

Gnucci Crime Family

The Westies

Maginty’s Gang

Yamamoto Crime Family

The Cult Of The Black Flame

The Tong Triads

Chaldean Mafia

Tiny Rascals

Sokolovsky Crime Family

The Arachno-Army

The Romanian Rockers

The Storm Korps

Karnes Family

El Azteca’s Cartel

Blind Cobra’s Assassins Guild

Bastard’s Boys

Hypnotic’s Gang

Animal Mob

Klein’s Killers

Manta Men

The Dead Men

The Black Circle

The Frost Lords

Other Active Organizations



San Diego Police Department

San Diego Defenders

Quintana Industries

San Diego Metasquad Alpha

Fabulous Five

Defunct Organizations

The Black Serpents

The Blinx

The Cult Of Raddik

Smoke Cartel

Zurich’s Cartel

The White Society


The Lightning Men

Cult Of The Nine-Tongued Worm

Neighborhoods/Districts/Areas In San Diego

City Heights

Otay Mesa

Kearny Mesa

Port Of San Diego

San Diego Naval Base

Downtown San Diego

Clairemont Mesa

San Diego Caverns

Specific Locations In San Diego

San Diego City Hall

Sea World

Padre Stadium

San Diego Convention Center

One-Eyed Snakes’ Base

Motorhead’s Base

Joint Department Training Facility

San Diego Museum Of History

Bayside Cafe

SDPD 1st Precinct

SDPD 5th Precinct

The Cauldron

Prisons In San Diego County

Blanch Correctional

George F Bailey Detention Facility

Richard J Donovan Correctional Facility

Otay Mesa Detention Facility

San Diego Central Jail

Metropolitan Correctional Center

Other Cities In San Diego County


Other Locations In San Diego County

Black Mountain Open Space Park

San Onofre Nuclear Plant

Locations In Imperial County

Karnes Family Farm

Tolfarrian Trickster’s Laser Tag Course

El Centro Naval Air Facility

Sprunger’s Vehicular Proving Ground

Locations Outside the San Diego Area

Santo Domingo


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