Drago Black

Cesare Mobster





Shrewd Businessman: Drago Black has a good head for business, both legitimate and illegitimate. He’s had years of experience running both profitable small businesses and effective front operations, and knows the ins and outs of business management, accounting, and book cooking.

Well-Connected: Drago Black has a network of people indebted to him through the use of favors and considerations, both in and out of the criminal community. This allows Drago to levy a wide array of skilled professionals in his favor, if need be.




Pride And Arrogance: Drago has all of the pride and bluster of a high-ranking mafioso.


Drago Black wears tailored pinstripe suits. He is an older man with graying hair and a thick mustache.

Drago Black was born in Russia, back when it was the Soviet Union. He’s spent most of his adult life helping to manage state-owned enterprises, and following the government collapse and ensuing kleptocracy, Drago was able to consolidate a number of these assets into a small but sizeable private company.

Drago embezzled from this company and absconded with the cash at the first opportunity, and showed up at his cousin Nikolai’s doorstep in America. Nikolai, one of San Diego’s most powerful mob bosses, accepted his cousin into the syndicate (helped by Drago’s ‘generous donation’ to a charity run by Nikolai’s younger brother).

Drago now operates several front companies of the Cesare mob, and is one of Nikolai’s trusted lieutenants. The B-Team encountered him as the owner and operator of the trendy night club ‘Ultraviolet’. The club was also being used as a front for the operations of Bladewing, who had taken to recruiting teenage runaways (many acquired through Drago’s connections), who acted as a disposable network of thieves. Bladewing kicked up a portion of the profits to Drago in exchange. When Bladewing was captured, the evidence against Drago was so tenuous as to not only keep him out of prison, but to keep him from being arrested.

STATUS: Active

Drago Black

The B-Team Heronator