Steel Eagle

Former Razorhawk Technician



Technical Know-How: Steel Eagle possesses a Class One Metahuman mutation, which gives him innate skills with machinery and engineering. While he has little to no formal knowledge of how various forms of technology actually operate, he is able to instinctively build, repair, and modify most forms of technology. In a few cases, this ability has also extended to Tesla technology (such as the Tesla Tech of Vanguard and Razorhawk).

Tesla: Steel Eagle is also a capable Tesla, able to build incredible devices out of limited parts. Steel Eagle’s Tesla abilities extend to mechanical and electrical engineering, able to build physical devices and gadgets. However, his Tesla abilities are more unreliable than most; he gets the very occasional flash of brilliance, but hardly has the Tesla Tech arsenal of other gadgeteers of similar skill. Most often, he finds himself modifying or refurbishing someone else’s devices, rather than outright building his own.


Experienced Criminal: Steel Eagle spent years as a burglar and second story man with a long record of successful B&E’s, and is well-versed in the ‘art’ of thievery, and its associated skills.


Steel Eagle Armor (Former): As a member of the Razorhawks, Steel Eagle had a suit of modified Razorhawk power armor. His suit possessed all of the capabilities of a standard suit of Razorhawk armor, such as electromagnetic flight and razor feather projectiles. Steel Eagle’s suit was also outfitted with additional armor plating, making him somewhat slower but much tougher, and the suit contained multiple system redundancies and anti-tampering systems, making it nigh impossible for enemy gadgeteers and tech-users to disable, usurp, or otherwise disrupt his armor. Steel Eagle also added further modifications to his suit over time, installing specific counter-measures against opponents he faced and believed he may face a second time.

Gadget Arsenal: Steel Eagle maintains a small arsenal of super-tech gadgets. Most of these items are either Tesla inventions created by others, or black market super-tech that Steel Eagle has modified with some Tesla components. While he also has some devices of his own design, these are few and far between. His arsenal includes a few handheld energy weapons, some various protective devices, and some gadgets to combat certain superhuman abilities.

Eyebeam Goggles: Originally based upon alien technology, Steel Eagle has rebuilt these high-tech goggles from scratch with his Tesla abilities. The goggles protect Steel Eagle from visual effects, screening out bright lights, strobes, holograms, and similar effects. The lenses are also telescoping, allowing him to ‘zoom in’ from a distance. The goggles are also capable of firing powerful laser beams.

Electromagnetic Flight Pack: Originally based upon alien technology, Steel Eagle has rebuilt this device from scratch with his Tesla abilities. The device appears to be a rectangle of solid metal with a rotating metal disk set in the center, with two straps allowing Steel Eagle to wear it like a backpack. It generates an electromagnetic field that allows Steel Eagle to fly.

Freeze Ray: Originally based upon alien technology, Steel Eagle has rebuilt this device from scratch with his Tesla abilities. He has also integrated a handful of components based on Winter Lord’s technology, acquired from the black market. This handheld ray gun fires beams of cold energy, draining heat from whatever it hits. Depending on the setting used, a target may become chilled, made brittle, or frozen in a solid block of ice.


Gear Dependent: Unlike some Teslas, Steel Eagle’s abilities aren’t advanced enough to build in a combat situation. Thus, if he’s deprived of his weaponry and gear, he’s essentially helpless.

Tesla Madness: Like many Teslas, Steel Eagle is easily distractable when presented with something relevant to his abilities.


Daniel Steele grew up in one of New Los Angeles’ many poor neighborhoods. Like many troubled youths, he turned to petty crime to help his family make ends meet. Where Daniel differed, was his Metahuman abilities.

Daniel’s instincts with technology meant that his neighborhood gang of wayward kids and small-time crooks quickly became a crew of experienced thieves, his skills put to use cracking every security system in a ten block radius. With Daniel’s skills, his gang was able to earn themselves a spot as a top notch B&E crew, and hold their place in the Underworld hierarchy. In time, the crew’s own skills grew to match Daniel’s innate talents, as they became a professional robbery crew.

Daniel continued working as a professional thief well into his adulthood, serving two sporadic stints in prison but his record otherwise unmarred. This professionalism is what led Razorhawk to him. The armored super-villain was just beginning his career, and he needed some supplies from a local tech company. Daniel performed the job perfectly, leaving no trail for the cops or the capes to follow.

Razorhawk remembered that skilled thief with the professional attitude. Razorhawk remembered him when he went to prison, and had time to plot his big comeback after he escaped or was released. Razorhawk remembered him when he met Vanguard, and the two struck a deal. And Razorhawk remembered him when he had the opportunity to put together a team of his own villainous minions.

Daniel, as Steel Eagle, served Razorhawk faithfully for many years. Steel Eagle was captured as a part of Operation Can Opener and incarcerated in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. Following Twin Towers’ destruction, Steel Eagle returned to Razorhawk’s service.

When Razorhawk ultimately sided with the heroes and redeemed himself, Steel Eagle decided to go his own way. As he wasn’t able to build new suits of armor, only maintain what he had, Steel Eagle’s Razorhawk suit slowly deteriorated, as pieces would get destroyed in various fights. Steel Eagle eventually abandoned it altogether, and simply carried individual gadgets.

Steel Eagle was then kidnapped by his former ally Bladewing, who used his technical skills to build and maintain electromagnetic flight rigs for the gang of runaway teens Bladewing was employing as ‘disposable’ thieves. Steel Eagle was chained up for days, forced to build rig after rig. The B-Team discovered this plot and put a stop to it, freeing Steel Eagle, at which point he disappeared into the San Diego underworld.

Steel Eagle was one of the superhuman mercenaries hired by Boss Tong to protect himself from assassins following Ichiro Yamamoto placing a $10 Million bounty on his head. Steel Eagle was hired away by The B-Team to betray Boss Tong, and helped to stop Primal Man Of Fire.

STATUS: Active

Steel Eagle

The B-Team Heronator