Cool Cal

Ability Scores

STR Modifier: +0
STR Roll Total: +10
CON Modifier: +3
CON Roll Total: +13
DEX Modifier: +6
DEX Roll Total: +16
WIS Modifier: +2
WIS Roll Total: +12
INT Modifier: +6
INT Roll Total: +16
CHA Modifier: +1
CHA Roll Total: +11


Defense (Force Field; CON): 31
Fortitude: 27
Reflex: 31
Will: 34
Speed: 6 squares
Hit Points (Shielding; CON): 92
Bloodied Value: 46
Surge Value: 23
Surges/Adventure: 9
Resists: 10 Cold, 10 Heat
Saves: +5 against Cold or Heat effects

Subtype Keywords: Human, Technology User, Metal Gear, Metal Device, Power Suit User, Electronics, Force Field Shielding, Equipment Dependent, Rifleman, Energy Weapon User, Engineer


  • Equipment: You have two pieces of equipment; your forceweave vest and your cryonic rifle. Both are made of Metal and contain micro-circuitry (and are thus considered to be Electronic). Your vest is Gear, meaning you begin play with it equipped and you cannot be disarmed except when unconscious or helpless. Your rifle is a Device, meaning that you generally must draw it (as a minor action) and you can be disarmed of it.
  • Communicator: You can spend a minor action to send a message to all other characters with this class feature.
  • Critical Hit: Critical Hit: When you score a critical hit, the target takes 4d6 extra damage of the same type as the triggering attack.
  • Counter: As an immediate interrupt, you can spend an action point to negate the effects of a power with the Cold, Fire, Heat, or Plasma keywords being used on you.
  • Environmental Abilities: You have a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls when using an environmental ability that benefits from the Energy Weapon User and Rifleman keywords.
  • Primary Trained Skills: You gain a +5 bonus when making an ability check for any of the following activities or topics: Security Systems, Demolitions, Cryonic Technology, Lockpicking, Keeping Your Cool, Poker Face, Surviving Cold/Arctic Conditions, Surviving Hot/Desert Conditions, Thermodynamics.
  • Secondary Trained Skills: You gain a +2 bonus when making an ability check for any of the following kinds of ability checks: Criminal Operations, Engineering & Advanced Technology, Physical Sciences.
  • Channel Power: You can channel the cryonic energy of your rifle into a variety of useful effects. You can use a single Channel Power utility per scene.
  • Cryo Cells: You have 4 cryo cells each scene that you can use to enhance your powers. Before you make an attack roll with a power using your cryo rifle, you can expend up to 3 cryo cells to enhance the effect of that attack if it hits.

- One Cryo Cell: The target is slowed until the end of your next turn. This power gains the Fatigue keyword.
- Two Cry Cells: The target is immobilized until the end of your next turn. This power gains the Restraint keyword.
- Three Cryo Cells: The target takes ongoing 11 Cold damage (save ends).

  • Chilling Action: When you spend an action point to use a Cold attack power, you recharge one of your cryo cells.
  • Harvest Cryo Cells: You may expend a power point to recharge three of your cryo cells instead of gaining access to one of your Stunt attacks.
  • Absorptive Cryo Cells: If you take cold damage, you recharge one of your cryo cells.
  • Cryo Tactics: You have combat advantage against enemies who are subject to zones or difficult terrain that you have created with your cryonic rifle. You can spend a minor action to grant this combat advantage to an ally within 10 squares of you if you can see both the enemy and the ally. This granted combat advantage lasts until the end of your next turn or until that ally hits that enemy, whichever comes first.
  • Pernicious Cryonics: Enemies take a -2 penalty to saving throws against effects you impose with your cryonic rifle.
  • Brittling Cold: Once per turn, when a target takes Cold damage from one of your Stunt attacks (including ongoing damage), that target gains Vulnerable 5 to Concussive, Crushing, Explosive, Impact, Smashing, and Tremor damage until the end of your next turn.
  • Exploit The Cold: You gain combat advantage against targets suffering from the Slowed, Immobilized, or Restrained conditions if the effect that imposed it has the Cold keyword.
  • Slipping Ice: If you hit a target subject to Exploit The Cold with a power that has the Cold keyword, you can knock that target prone.
  • Keep The Distance: You have a +1 bonus to all defenses against Ranged, Area, and Close attacks that originate from 2 or more squares away.
  • Trained Tactics: You gain a +1 bonus to initiative checks for every ally within 5 squares of you that has this trait (Old Hickory, The Gipper, Rough Rider).


  • Equipment Reliant: If you lose your forceweave vest, your hit points change to Avoidance, your Defense changes to Dodge, your Constitution modifier becomes +0, you cannot spend healing surges (unless a power or effect specifically allows you to), and your defenses, maximum hit points, bloodied value, and surge value are all reduced by half. You lose the powers of the appropriate keyword (Gear or Device) and associated traits if you lose access to the relevant piece of equipment.
  • Ice Slicks: All Zones and Difficult Terrain you create is considered to be Groundbound unless stated otherwise.
  • No Life Support: You have Vulnerable 10 to Homeostatic and Toxic, and take a -5 penalty on saving throws against such effects. You roll at +10 instead of +11 when making Constitution checks your force field doesn’t apply to (such as long distance running, holding your breath, or resisting disease).
  • No Sensory Filter: You have Vulnerable 10 to Light and Sonic, and take a -5 penalty on saving throws against such effects.
  • Fused Circuits: You have Vulnerable 10 to Electromagnetic and Microwave damage, and take a -5 penalty on saving throws against such effects.

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