Old Hickory Background

Real Name: Jack Reilly

Super Identity: Old Hickory; based on Andrew Jackson, who was nicknamed ‘old hickory’ due to his perceived toughness.

Powers & Abilities: Forceweave (force field generating) body armor made to look like clothes, kinetic force generating power cane, weapon mastery

Costume: Andrew Jackson rubber mask, Blue velvet buttoned suit with purple sash belt (Forceweave), Walking cane topped with red glass ruby (power cane)

Background: Originally from Tennessee, you served several tours of duty in the Army, fighting overseas. You discovered a love of combat and adrenaline while there, fighting not for your country or your fellow soldiers, but the thrill of the fight itself. You served in the same unit as Eddie Alexander, who would become Rough Rider.

When you returned from combat, you attended UCLA on the GI Bill. While there, you were friends and roommates with Corey Claridge, who would become Cool Cal. You got a degree in Legal Studies and became a paralegal. While the income was steady, it made for an extremely boring life.

Some years later, Corey approached you with an offer. He was joining in with a friend of his to plan and commit a bank robbery. Excited by the thrill of such an act, you joined Corey, and contacted your old friend Eddie to bring him in as well.

The four of you joined Tricky Dick and became The Dead Presidents, disguising your identities with rubber masks. Your first job was successful, and you each made off with your share of the money.

You returned to your regular life, but were bored by the monotony. The excitement of robbing a bank had taken a hold of you, and you longed for more. When Tricky Dick approached you all with the offer of another job, you quickly said yes. However, this outing wasn’t as successful, almost resulting in your capture due to the interference of a superhero. You needed an edge to continue robbing banks.

You all approached Milo Warren, a dealer of high tech guns, offering him a spot in the group if he would provide the technology, and you would all pay him for the cost of his equipment out of your shares of the robbery. He agreed, and became The Ohio Gangster.

The gang was successful for several robberies, allowing you to enrich yourself. However, during one heist Ohio Gangster was captured by the authorities. He turned your name over to the authorities, forcing you to leave your normal life behind and becoming a full-time super-criminal.

You pulled various jobs and worked for-hire for a number of years, spending time in and out of prison. Tricky Dick, now a warped super-villain, approached you with an offer of one last job, for which you would be well-paid enough to flee the country and retire. During this job (a large attack on San Diego), you were captured by The B-Team, and sentenced to Blanch Correctional.

You have been offered time off of your sentence in exchange for a stint of military service, a bargain to which you have agreed.

Old Hickory Background

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